Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Tour of Phoenix HQ From A Brand New Phoenixer!

As the newest member of the Phoenix team Tabs and Chops have asked me to personally introduce you to The Phoenix HQ and all the people who help them to add that special sparkle to the comics every week.

So come on in and shut the door behind you. Quickly, before the Magic gets out. Take off your coat, shake the snow off your boots and then we'll see what secret goings-on The Phoenix team are involved in today.

The happy workers here at HQ are a warm and friendly little family, busily helping Tabs and Chops to make a very special and magical comic for all their readers. The two chums bustle around, shouting boisterous hellos and generally keep an eye on all their team as they polish up the comic ready to be sent out every week. Oh look, there's Tabs now, on her way to see Will about the comic content. Let's follow her in.

Tabs, Editor in Chief

Will Fickling, Editor
Here in the Room of Creativity there are Will Fickling and Lucy Ingrams who work on the Editorial side of the comic, working closely with Tabs to make sure that both the magazine contributors and readers are happy and that your favourite strips such as 'Pirates of Pangaea' and 'Bunny vs Monkey' look absolutely fantastic each week.

       Paul Duffield, Designer

Alongside these two is designer Paul Duffield who helps Chops find the perfect cover and layout for the comic, making sure everything is fits snugly and looks groovy before Tabs gets her mitts on it.

In this room is The Phoenix's biggest secret so listen closely. What makes the comic look so amazing each week and what makes it so addictive to read is because Tabs and Chops have got their paws on people who are as committed and as bowled over by the comic as they are. But that's not the secret! The secret is how they keep everyone inspired and motivated putting together The Phoenix, and they do this by surrounding themselves by work done by the readers themselves!

Cover Wall
Competition Wall
Yes, the walls in here are one of the centrepieces of HQ. If we take a quick peek around we can see the Cover wall displaying all the previous covers of the magazine, the Competition wall with lots of great submissions and last but not least the 'Wall of Awesomeness'. Here there is too much amazing art to describe, sent in by all the brilliant Phoenixers out there.  During the day we like to just stop and look at them. Look, there's Bruno admiring it now!

Bruno Barker, News Hound
Wall of Awesomeness
As you can see the readers of the comic are very important to us and especially to Tabs and Chops who want to spend so much time just leafing through the competition entries, art and fan mail that they need everyone at HQ to keep them on track.

Two of the main people who keep this on track are Ross and Tom and here they are hard at work. They make sure that everyone knows all about the comic and that it gets sent out properly to all the Phoenix readers. Some of the most passionate of Tabs and Chops's team, they want to spread the word about the amazing magic the comic has to offer and try to think of new and exciting ways to get the comic to you, along with the fantastic PR Manager Liz Payton.

Ross Fraser, Sales & Marketing Manager
Tom Fickling, Commercial Director

Well that's most of the team, just missing Financial Director John Dickinson and Managing Director Caro Fickling who make up the rest of this lovable family. I hope you've enjoyed this quick tour of the Phoenix Headquarters, I know we've definitely enjoyed having you here.

From Tabs and Chops and all of the team, chow for now!

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