Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Our First Blog


Welcome to The Phoenix, the weekly story comic … blog!

We’re really excited and nervous about this new roost for The Phoenix, but we hope you’ll love it. Every week we’ll be updating you on the ins and outs of all things Phoenix, so expect story-comic thrills, spills and phoenix trills!

For those of you who have never heard of The Phoenix, we wanted to put our first blog together to introduce ourselves and to tell you a bit more about the weekly story comic! (In fact if you already know the world of The Phoenix keep reading anyway … there’s lots to see!)

So without further ado …

The Phoenix is a new children’s weekly story comic for children which launched on 7th January 2012. As the first weekly story-comic for children in the UK for twenty-five years, which is still running, we are very different to the other comics on the market! All of our artwork and stories are 100% original and we contain absolutely no advertising. But the thing that really sets us apart is our dedication to great stories! Within the pages of this perky, fiery bird there is everything from deep serial-stories to savour, one-off adventures to be swallowed whole, funnies to feed the sense of humour and LOADS more including fiendish puzzles, tantalising competitions and non-fiction that might even raise the dead for an interview!

Here are some of our brilliant front covers!

We’re available to buy online via subscription...

 in Waitrose and a number of independent book stores across the UK and the US...

AND most recently, digitally as an app on Apple Newsstand!

So What can you expect from The Phoenix blog?

Every Wednesday, you can expect all things Phoenixy, we will have guest blogs from some of our BRILLIANT contributors, things from the team here, and LOADS of other stuff which we hope you will enjoy! Pirates and Dinosaurs anyone?

by Daniel Hartwell and Neill Cameron

Anyway, enough rabbiting for now – check back soon to hear about some more of our antics!


Team Phoenix

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