Thursday, 21 March 2013

World Poetry Day!

Phoenix Poetry Party

(in celebration of World Poetry Day)

To celebrate today, World Poetry Day,
We’re having a party at the Phoenix - Hooray!
Chops and the Hounds bring cake and some tea,
While Tabs wonders where mischievous Barnaby could be.

With Bunny and Monkey for once in accord,
The Pirate ‘Raven Jess’ briefly puts down her sword,
Dear Adam Murphy talks with those still alive,
Haggis, Quail and Von Doogan then quickly arrive.

With laughter and talk, oh the stories they share,
Of Pterodactyls, dinosaurs and a large polar bear,
All the cake and tea gone, the party end comes very near,
Happy World Poetry Day! we all cry with a big Phoenix cheer!

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